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Is this the Rutland County Council website?

No. This isn't the website of Rutland County Council. If you want to apply for a job, pay your bills, or otherwise conduct business with the local authority, visit their actual website here.

I sent an email to the council, and didn't get a response. Why not?

Don't send any emails to this domain unless you're actually trying to get in contact with me. I operate a catch-all - so if you don't want some internet rando (me) reading your business, check the address carefully.

Why do you own this site?

My name is David Rutland, so it's natural I'd want a Rutland related domain name. belongs to a fireplace, chimney, and stove maintenance company; has been privately owned since 1998; will charge $35 per year for a single email address; deals with commercial property investment, and is being squatted and has a purchase price of £2995!
The domain name (the site you are currently on), was squatted until at least 2018. I spotted it in December 2022, and snapped it up for a fiver. Happy days!

What is this website used for?

This domain is attached to multiple subdomains that I use for social media, email aliasing, photo galleries, recipe management, media streaming, and other such things.
Parts of it are hosted on a $10 per year Racknerd VPS, but the bulk of the linked services are run from a Raspberry Pi 4B perched on the radiator behind my couch.

Is this a blog?

No. It's an information page and a placeholder. To properly operate my email server, and for TLS reasons, I need to have something here - so it may as well serve a purpose. My personal blog is elsewhere. My Fediverse feed is under this section.

Is this website/domain for sale?

I rather like owning, and I have a lot of infrastructure tied into it. Unless you're offering crazy money, then no. It isn't.

Below, you'll see posts from - a single-user Akkoma Fediverse instance. No, you can't join it, but if you're on any other Fedi instance, you can connect easily.

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